Jason T. Stiles

Expert Web and Mobile Applications Developer

BestBuy.com eCommerce Prototype

Completed in April 2012 | http://www.bestbuy.com

This was a configurable prototype built for a Usability Study with Best Buy. I lead a team of 4 (including myself) to develop this with tight deadlines. We achieved all desired functionality within a month's time. The team at Best Buy was very impressed with our progress stating "you saved our Usability Study!" The reason they said that was because another team was supposed to do the prototype, but couldn't meet the deadlines and their quality was very poor. When my team and I stepped in, Best Buy couldn't believe how fast we were coding and with high quality!

In this implementation, we used HTML5 LocalStorage for saving states. This was also a very configurable solution which allowed the Best Buy Usability Team to create different versions of the prototype to test out on users for better feedback.

Technical Details

  • Front-End:
    • HTML5
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery