Jason T. Stiles

Expert Web and Mobile Applications Developer

Geek Squad Mobile Application

2014 - 2015 | Preview Mobile Prototype

Best Buy wanted to redesign the Geek Squad Mobile application to take advantage of the latest mobile technologies for both iOS and Android while also introducing new features to the application. I worked as the Technical Lead across two developments teams (one for iOS and one for Android), and I contributed to the Android mobile application code. I created an architecture and technical design which included building a robust framework on both iOS and Android. The framework architecture included building different components that could easily be plugged into the mobile application dynamically to add/remove app features easily. While leading and managing the two different teams development in parallel, I contributed to building a component for transferring contacts, photos, videos and messages between devices connected to a Local Area Network. The solution for this component used JSON and 256-bit encryption against SSL Sockets.

While working on this project I was slated to build some different POCs (Proof of Concepts). One was a speed test application to determine network bandwidth and internet connection speed. Another was for device management including abilities to remotely take a picture, get the device's location, and immediately lock the screen with a passcode.

In addition to leading the technical design and architecture of the application and the development of both teams, I also lead the UX design and contributed in creating prototypes for the wire-frames and designs that were created.

Technical Details