Jason T. Stiles

Expert Web and Mobile Applications Developer

Geek Squad Agent UI Web App

2014 - 2015 | Preview Mobile Prototype

Best Buy needed to re-write an appointment scheduling application from the ground-up to give it a better look and feel, and also to be able to maintain the application better for the future. Additionally, they wanted to allow the application to be branded differently depending upon the user logged in to the system.

I led a team of 8 including a UX Designer, 2 QA analysts, and 5 developers to create a responsive web application with a modern design. The application actually consisted of 3 separate UIs but utilized the same codebase. We used AngularJS to manage the transitions in state, HTML5 session storage to cache queries made to the API, and utilized Angular Virtual DOM technology to speed up rendering of the few different calendar widgets that were part of the application. Additionally, I helped architect the back-end layer to be a pass-through to a large SOAP-based service. The back-end would allow any service/method to be called from the front-end and simply converted the JSON to XML and vice-versa so that the front-end layer could easily communicate with the SOAP-based web service.

Technical Details

  • Back-End:
  • Front-End
    • AngularJS
    • Bootstrap
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • JavaScript
    • Angular Virtual DOM
  • Build Tools
    • Grunt
    • SASS
    • Bower
    • NPM