Started development on a new Task Management Application this weekend - I have dubbed it "OnTask".  Catchy, right? My objectives in developing this system are:

  • Ease of creating tasks
  • Being able to assign tasks to one or more people
  • Getting notified by email or text message (both are optional in user account settings) when a task is assigned to you or when your task is updated
  • Multiple lists
  • List and Calendar viewing of tasks
  • Upload files to tasks
  • Mobile Application for syncing tasks between devices
  • Meeting Tracker - I like to see and be notified when meetings are upcoming
  • Integration with Outlook/Gmail/etc
  • Ability to prioritize tasks
  • Ability to print tasks (neatly!)
  • Recurring Tasks

If I can accomplish all of the above, I really think I'll have a nice application on my hands that will help me keep track of not only the work I need to do, but also the work I have my slaves doing! 

It's gonna be goooooooooooooooooooood, just you wait and see!